Come and see the little changes inside the church lately. The tables in the foyers and the one by the statue of Saint Therese at the main entrance had to be changed: the top layers of the tables had been peeling off, or had cracks running from end to end of the tables (you can see light coming through the cracks. Replacing them with simple and functional fixtures were called for. The wall that used to separate the contemplation area (where the candles used to be) from the rest of the worship space was also taken down. With the wall gone, the whole church area is now one integrated worship space. The new space has also become an accessible space for those who are wheelchair-bound or those who have hearing impairments. With these simple changes the church has become more welcoming and accessible, flooded with sunlight, brightening up the space, even when the electric lights are not turned on. Please come and see!


Be an eagle, not a chicken!


The Genesis to Jesus Bible Study Group meets every Friday at 11:00 a.m. at the PSC. Call 503-256-5850 or email If you have questions this will lead you to answers!


A shout out for many reasons: thank you to our new volunteers: Monica and her kids Thomas and Trenton and Thomas' teacher Justin. Justin is also on his journey to becoming Catholic. Casey (below) is also a much appreciate volunteer along with his wife Mary. A special thank you to Sue Anker for everything that she does to be welcoming!


Key idea: if we are not finding our identity in God we are finding it someplace else not good.