Prayers for all mothers today! 

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A small group of our parishioners will be meeting for Lectio Divina next Friday, May 15th, at the PSC after the Friday Daily Mass (around 10:45 am). Send us a message by clicking on email us if you would like to join. Safety and sanitation protocol is still very much in place in our parish. Kindly watch Fr. Josh's and Fr. Mike's short videos about Lectio Divina. In the noise of all the fear and confusion Lectio Divina gives us a space and time to spend with the Lord. Come!

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A Special Prayer Request

Please pray for those still fearful about attending Mass due to covid. Pray for those who have become so used to watching Mass on tv/computer that they don't feel like coming out in person. Pray that all Catholics appreciate that receiving communion is an in-person experience.

We include in our prayers Olga Roach and her daughter Theresa who passed away recently.

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Reserving For Mass is again REQUIRED

Call the Office 503-256-5850 or email.

Mass Schedule

We are again required to have everyone reserve for Masses.  Walk-ins may be turned away if we cannot seat you in a safely-distanced spot. We still follow safe-distancing protocol and we still sanitize pews after each Mass.  We are still committed to doing everything we have done to keep everyone feeling safe and protected! 

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