Feed on the right stuff 

This page has been inspired by a recurring feedback from Bible group members who have been studying the Bible for years:  that despite the many years of Bible study they seem to be stuck and not going anywhere. So, starting this year, we will devote this page for those who would like to learn the knowledge and reading "tools" needed to know that we are understanding the Bible as God intends it to be. We will organize the page better as soon as possible but the goals of this page is two-fold: one is to be aware and be convinced that to truly accurately draw on the fruits of Divine Revelation we need the "three-legged stool": Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition as interpreted by the teaching Church (magisterium). The second goal is to provide us accurate and faithful commentaries on specific topics or Books in the Bible.  There are hundreds of thousands of commentaries on the Bible but not all of them accurately comment on the Bible through "the heart of the Church." Let us know what we can do to help you be engaged! Email at stella@stthereseor.org or call 503-256-5850