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May the souls of our faithful and dearly departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Mary Basaraba

Maxine Behm

Marion Bridenbeck

Jeremy Burns

Ernie Casciato

Brad Cimmiyotti


Patrick Daly

Mario Flores

Edward Geer

Frances Geer

Jeffrey Ginter

Brother Martin Gonzales

Don Guerber


Gail Hebert

Juddie Huddleston

Lisa Joseph

Charles Karam

Doyle Keough

Bienvenido Lumbera

Patrick McMillan

Terri Munro

Barbara Netz


Virginia (Jeannie) Pfeiffer

Papa J. Roberts

Dorothy Rose

Diane Rothery

Joanne Scabery

Joe Schudawa

 Sharon Newton and her parents

Julie Manning

Joan McLaughlin

Dianne Ruth Nielsen

Billie Ringer

Rhonda Stone

Dianne McFadden

Tom Sinon

Dorothy Drews

Maureen Gillen

Pat Rosemary Geo

Douglas Phyllis

Mary Granville

Jerry Ruff

Robert Dimick

Alicia Gutierrez

Randy Cuddy

John and Anna Marie Holmes Dorothy Rose

Jean Olsen

William and Helen Dillon James

M Nelson III J.

Melvin and Suzanne Nelson

Ryn Nelson

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