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Through the intercession of St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr, may God deliver you from all diseases of the throat and from all other diseases, amen.

Good morning! This page is a must see if you like to start getting to know more about our Parish,  how we as a community have responded to the challenges brought about the pandemic this past year, and how we made a choice to end the year 2020 with a beautiful Christmas. This is a long page as you scroll down, but full of snapshots of how we are as a parish and a congregation devoted to the faithful celebration of the Eucharist.

We Are Singing!


Our Christmas Church 2020

Solemnity of Mary as Theotokos, Mother of God with Fr. Leo Hambur



 2021 Mass Schedule and Reservation Reminder:

Starting the weekend of January 3rd, 2021 our Mass Schedule is: 

Saturday Vigil Mass is at 5:00 PM. Reservation required. 

Sunday Mass at 10:00 AM. Reservation required.

Please note that churches have different safety guidelines - it depends on the size of the church, the volunteers they have, how they clean the church, and so on. The following will remain in place in our St. Therese Church to keep the same level of confidence that our church is very safe for everyone, especially those who are elderly and at high-risk:

1.  Please call or email to reserve for Masses. No walk-ins allowed. So that we can still safely implement social distancing and be able to sanitize all surfaces after each Mass, we can only have 100 people in each Mass. 

2.  Face covering worn over the nose and mouth at ALL times inside the church is still required, even if you are alone in the pew or away from other people.

3.  Our volunteers sanitize ALL surfaces in church that have been touched, so we kindly ask that you try to minimize contact with surfaces. 

4.  Please limit the spread of aerosol and droplets by staying in your seat. Do not walk around the church.

5.  Be kind to our volunteers by following their instructions. We try to also reduce their exposure to the virus by limiting their exposure to others.

6.  Our volunteers cannot change the guidelines we follow. If you have any questions or complaints please feel to wait AFTER Mass and we will happily address your questions. 

6. Please read our complete safety guidelines posted in this website. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, email or chat. 

Please call the Parish Office 503-256-5850 or email to sign up for Masses. 

For those who attended the Christmas Masses in person, may the beauty of the Eucharist encourage you more to continue worship in person. May you have a special blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ for you attend Mass out of love. 

Our ushers take it seriously!

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Don't know what Greg was doing but it will not get posted on the website!

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Sanitizing is hard work and comes with our complete safety gear, but Ministers make it look like fun!

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Our ushers take it seriously!

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Christmas Gallery - will add more photos today!

Feast of the Holy Family, December 27, 2020 with Fr. Steve

Feast of the Holy Family, December 27, 2020 with Fr. Augustine

Glorious Gloria! 

Come to Worship!

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Photo taken by Bebe Wolfe

Preparing For the Birth of Our Lord Jesus!