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Altar Society

Altar Society
Women's Association

This organization works within the St. Therese Catholic community and is concerned with the care and support of the St. Therese sanctuary, sacristy and church needs. These might include, but are not limited to: furnishings, sacred articles, liturgical supplies and floral needs. 

Guilds may be organized to further these objectives. Multiple guilds currently operate at varous meeting times and places. Guild membership is not required to assist with the organizations objectives. Nor is membership in the general Altar Society restricted to women. 

Each guild is comprised of women who serve and support the many activities of the Women’s Association and Parish.  Many members are active in the ACCW (Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women).  You will surely find a guild that offers the right activities and meeting times for you.  Or start your own Guild by asking friends to join you in serving your parish.  Current guilds include: St Jude Guild, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Guild, St. Francis Guild, St. Patrick Guild.

Helping hands are always needed with funeral receptions, church cleaning, and flower arranging or donations.  For more information on how you may assist with the many taks of this group, please call the parish office for current contact information. 

Fundraisers may include: A Fall Tea and Fashion Show and a Spring Salad Luncheon and Fashion Show.


2017-2018 Board and Missions


Pam LaFerte


Charlotte CdeBaca 

Church Cleaning

Pam LaFerte

Funeral Receptions

Cea  DeDonato and Marge Zach


Melanie Reyna  


Dorothy Rose 

Church Flowers

Virginia Durrin

Liturgy Committee

Our Liturgy Commitee was formed with the representation of almost all the church-based committees, in order to gain better approach in the committee services.



Fr. Steve Geer

Pam Laferte

Tom Burns

Sue Buhr

Lucy Muigai

Titay Schommer

Stephen Thompson

Laura Anderson

Sue Anker

Virginia Durrin

Stella Armstrong

The Society of
St. Vincent de Paul

Mission Statement

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a worldwide Catholic organization of laypersons, open to all who wish to live their faith by loving and serving their neighbor. Generally on a person to person basis, members of the society help those in need, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, handicap, or religion.


Who We Are

The St Vincent de Paul Society is an international charitable lay Catholic organization. It was established in 1833 by a college student, Frederic Ozanam. Challenged to put his faith into action, Frederic created the Society, and named it after Vincent de Paul, a saint noted for his work with the poor.

The St Therese Conference of St Vincent de Paul is an all-volunteer organization. We serve the poor within our parish boundaries. The main ways we serve the poor are by providing food boxes, and by helping with rent and utilities. 


Food boxes require a lot of volunteer hours. Food donations must be moved from the food bank to the pantry. The shelves need to be stocked. The food boxes need to be packed. Someone has to greet the families and give them their boxes on Saturday. We do a limited amount of deliveries to handicapped clients, and volunteers are needed for that. Volunteers confirm requests for rent and utilities assistance.

Food box packers are needed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon.

Saturday morning, help is needed to assist with food box pickup. Drivers are needed Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
A volunteer is needed to coordinate rent and utility assistance. Volunteers are needed at the main office to answer telephone calls. Help is needed on Wednesday morning to unload and put away food
received from the Oregon food bank.

To volunteer call Shasta at 503-253-7566
or LeRoy at 503-516-4553 or e-mail us.

How to Donate

Non-perishable food items can be placed in the wooden barrel at the main entrance to the church. Please call LeRoy at 503-516-4553 for information about donating inventory, or sponsoring a food drive.  

There are several ways to make monetary donations. If you are a St Therese parishioner, donation envelopes can be found in your bi-monthly packet of donation envelopes. Envelopes can also be found on the food barrel at the main entrance to the church. Checks should be made out to the St. Vincent de Paul. If you would like to mail a donation, send your check to St Vincent de Paul, St Therese Parish, 1260 NE 132nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97230. Please call Shasta at 503-253-7566 for information about bequests and memorial donations.

We are located at 1260 NE 131st Place, between Halsey and Glisan.


We, the members of St. Therese Parish, united as a culturally and economically diverse Catholic community, live the message and teachings of Jesus Christ. We help each other to belong to the Kingdom of God by sharing our faith through liturgy, prayer, sacraments, fellowship, education, service and outreach.
We encourage members to be active in sharing their time and talents by responding compassionately to the needs of others.




1260 NE 132nd Ave

Portland, OR 97230

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