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Never Enough?

Really think hard: if you are really serious about looking for that one thing that will complete you, give you true joy, you need to also consider the possibility that you might find what you are looking for in having God in your life. Considering all possibilities when you are solving a problem is simply a logical and intelligent thing to do. Don't cross out God because you think it is irrational or unscientific. A truly searching and scientific mind does not have any bias. Looking for what truly fulfills you is a very logical and rational activity and that means including that ONE possibility. 

I am a Christian but - 

Check all that applies to you

I call myself Christian but I still have a lot of questions!


I am not sure what “real presence” means.


I find it difficult to explain to others, or to myself, why I believe in God.


I believe in God but I am scared about the future.


I don’t understand why Catholics do things differently from other Christian churches.


I don’t know what to say if people say believing in God is a crazy thing.


I am a Catholic but I am afraid to let other people know about it.


I believe in God but I don’t like the Old Testament.


I believe in God but I prefer the New Testament only.


I would like to know more about being a Christian.


I don’t know why there are many kinds of being a “Christian.”

If you checked most of them, why not at least give the God option a try?

Call 503-256-5850 ext. 204, email or fill up the box below. When you wrestle with big questions, you need to include all options to give you the best answers, right? 


I have a feeling that I am missing something.

The world seems to be out of control and I do not think

 that it will get better.

No matter what I have I cannot stop worrying about the future.

My life has no direction – I do not know where it is going.

The world seems to be out of control and I feel helpless in it.

I wonder if a faithful love is possible, a love that is lasting.

I am often anxious.

Everything that is happening around me makes me feel helpless.

I feel incomplete even when I am successful in what I do.

I find myself thinking about life, what it is all about.

I wish I am confident that I am making the right decisions.

There is emptiness in my life, that something is lacking.

In spite of my success, my family, my friends, I am not completely content.

I am not sure if I am making right decisions about my choices in life.

I wonder what will really make me fulfilled and complete.

I wish I could find out what this sense of lacking something is all


"Anima Christi" or "Soul of Christ" is a very old prayer about the saving power of  the suffering and passion of Jesus Christ. If you have explored all options, tried everything but still feel that something is missing in your life, wouldn't it be smart  to consider that what might help lies in Anima Christi? Call, email, or even drop a note - just for a conversation, ask a few questions, and see. We would do the same when looking for a house, making decisions about our health, buying a car. Using our reason is very much involved when we want to know why everything else we have been doing does not take away the sense that we are missing something in our lives. 

Please email us if you have any questions. Take each step at a time, at your own pace. Wanting to know more about God, about big questions about life, depends on you, but researching always  helps in giving you better information. If you are considering the possibility that including God in your life might help you get a better sense of what life is all about, please send us a note. You are very welcome to attend our Come-and-See on September 10th, Friday, at 5:30 p.m. Let us know!

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