May the souls of our faithful and dearly departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Jeff  J. Stacey


Unborn baby Balter


Unborn baby Doperoy


Michael Haga


Annie Emerson-Roberts


Dulcie Gatlin


Chet Hatter


Zoli Mohos

Beatrice Mohos


Crystal Olson


Richard Schaller


Ric Martinez


Ron Phillips


Wynette Trebaol


Ynes Trebaol


Basil Hatter


Dale Hatter


Len Dahlen


Gene Hatter


Tim Halford


Tom Halford


Guy Trebaol


James Melvin Nelson III

Melvin and Susan Nelson

William and Helen Dillon


William Fernandez


Sharon Newton


George and Ida Newton


Julie Manning


Joan McLaughlin


Dianne Ruth Nielson


Mary Hart's daughter Billie Ringer


Rhonda Stone


Dianne McFadden


Tom Sinon


Dorothy Drews


Maureen Gillen


Pat Rosemary


Geo Douglas


Phyllis Mary Granville


Jerry Ruff


Robert Dimick

Margaret Wight

Emil Annes

John Keller

Fred Dewey

Francis Moritz

Harriet Rice

Paulina Annes

Liz Parker

Jean Krueger

John Delaney

Joan Delaney


Elizabeth Pickford


Albert Pickford

Paul Schulz

Kimberly Pham

Ngo Xuan Anh

Judy Yudt


Homer Westcott


John N. & Ida Wilwers


John E. & Tillie Wilwers


Max & Barbara Meyer


Tillie & Ray Scroggins


Dorothy & Otto Martin


Elizabeth & Oley Knute


Mary & Guy McGraw


Sally Eliz & Nels Nelson


Mary, Linda, Roy Nelson and Marvin Bachman


Julius & Paul Meyer


Katheryn, Michael &

Jake Scheeler


Monica Meyer 


Florence Berger


Pete & Elizabeth Haaf


Betty & Frank Kunz


John Lena & John Engel


Elaine, Bernice, Vera, Anita Mildred & Harold Hambach


Eva & Tony Fritz


Bill & Margaret Fritz


John & Bev Richardson


Harry & Georgia Johnston


Dianne McClain


Norm Holt 


Bert Taylor


Arnie Lutz


Charlie Moss


Therese Burgess

Frederick Dewey


John & Anna Ronckovitz


Charles & Doris Ronckovitz


Nancy Ronckovitz


Robert Ronckovitz


Gesina & Oscar Dewey


Tom O'Connor


Larry Gargano


Steve & Cecilia Horai


Barbara & Edward Horai


Frank & Gustine Ronckovitz


John & June Ronckovitz


Joseph Ronckovitz


Mary Smarsch


John & Marie Ronckovitz


Joseph & Julia Prosuh


John & Viola Prosuh


Ernest & Emily & Richard Prosuh


John & Dorothy Gaczi


We, the members of St. Therese Parish, united as a culturally and economically diverse Catholic community, live the message and teachings of Jesus Christ. We help each other to belong to the Kingdom of God by sharing our faith through liturgy, prayer, sacraments, fellowship, education, service and outreach.
We encourage members to be active in sharing their time and talents by responding compassionately to the needs of others.




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