Holy Mass During The Pandemic

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday:  5:00 pm

Sunday:  10:00 AM

Note: Because of the COVID situation we currently do not have Daily Masses opened to public. Fr. Steve continues to raise our prayers and intentions during privately-celebrated Masses. 


By  appointment

Please feel free to call 503-256-5850

What to do

You need to call the Parish Office to reserve beforehand for Masses. Walk-ins will NOT be allowed. 

It is State-mandated that facial masks be worn indoors, including attending  Mass. Your mask should be worn over your nose and mouth at all times during Mass, except briefly pulling it down during Communion: when you are six feet away from the Minister, pull down your face covering, consume the host and then put back your face covering on. 

Please come 10-15 minutes before Mass to give you time to be checked in and shown to your seat. The doors will be locked when Mass starts and there will be no one at the door to let latecomers in. 

Our safety procedures to keep you safe and protected includes:

1.   We use a bleach-and-water solution to completely wipe down pews after every Mass. Because our kneelers are cloth-covered and will stain with the bleach, we ask that you either sit or stand during Mass parts, but NO kneeling. 

2.   We use no-touch hand sanitizers. You will be asked to sanitize your hands as you enter Church. You have the option to sanitize your hands before Communion and again as you leave the church. 

3.   When you have to go to the bathroom, there is a spray mist bottle of sanitizer that you may carry with you so you can sanitize door handles and surfaces before you touch them. 

4.    We have ushers to lead you to your seats and make sure that physical distance between you and pew mates are more than six feet apart. 

5. We do NOT form a line during Communion. Stay in your pew until the Bread Minister tells you it is your turn to receive Communion. 

Please keep all our volunteer ministers in your prayers. These safety procedures will not be possible without a committed team of Ministers!